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 READ FIRST: Applications

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GM Dzid

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PostSubject: READ FIRST: Applications   Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:49 pm

Application should be as followed.

Name: Mateusz Lacina

Age: 17

Location: Germany / Hessen / Fulda.

Open-Tibia History: I've been in open-tibia server's since 7.6 and have had many position's in servers, my main skill is scripting.

Position Being Applied For: Tutor

Contact Information: [email address] [MSN]

1 Paragraph about why you want this position: Example - I believe i would be a good candidate because i am very active in the open-tibia community and i believe i have a fair amount of skills in the following Areas. -So on and so forth-
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READ FIRST: Applications
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